Look around at everyone that you know in your life. Some may be losers, some may be super successful, and the rest are somewhere in between.

The losers and “in betweeners” are easy to accept on a mental level because they don’t cause much of a threat in how you look. The issues can start to arise when the successful people that you know keep on making progress.

You see, when people around you are on the rise, many times it can feel like you are falling. Most of the time, that’s really not the case, but we can easily tell ourselves that story which can lead to some devastating outcomes. I’ve been a culprit of this plenty and I’ve seen countless other people sabotage their own success by constant comparison. Everyone goes down their own path and we only see what’s on the surface. We have no idea what’s behind the scenes and in many cases, we’d actually be quite shocked if we did.

We all need to keep our noses in our own business and not compare where we are with others. Here are some of the things that happen when your focus shifts and you fall into this trap:

1. You’ll start to question your abilities which will be automatically projected out onto other people

When you look at other successful people with an envy and jealousy filter over your eyes, you tend to question your own strengths and abilities which will definitely be visible to the outside world. The problem here is that you are usually not comparing apples to apples.

You are comparing your present status with someone else’s that had a completely different life path that got them there. That’s complete nonsense. Your unique path and story is a huge asset and they will, unfortunately, be downplayed because of your sidetracked focus. When you are constantly comparing and thinking about how behind you are, you will seem weak to people around you because they will feel your mental energy of self doubt.

2. You’ll look and sound less confident

Your comparing mindset will keep you questioning where you are currently at in your path. This will lead to feeling less confident, which will lead to your voice and body projecting in a way that shows that you are less sure of yourself. When this happens, people won’t connect with you as well and not follow your lead.

3. You won’t be able to create your natural “flow” state because you’ll be too much in your head

This is a huge issue because instead of having clarity and confidence and being completely immersed in the present moment, you are clouded with the status of others which will stifle your “flow”. “Flow” is a state of mind where you are firing on all cylinders and things just seem to go the way you want them to. I’m sure you can think of certain times when you seem to be on fire and nothing can get in your way. You will never achieve this highly desired state if you are always thinking about how someone is in front of you and you have to catch up. In fact, being in that “flow” state more often will build on itself and catapult you to where you want to be even faster.

4. The true you will go unnoticed by others and remain hidden

This is truly a shame because who you truly are is what will get you to those highly successful places you are dying to get to. When your focus isn’t on being yourself and honing your craft, you won’t be able to shine and your growth will definitely be slowed down and move you further down into the spiral of comparison that got you there in the first place.

5. You’ll always be working an uphill battle

When you are always thinking about where others are in their path, lots of extra pressure will be on you. You’ll have more stress which stifles creativity, creates less productivity, and keeps you from having an extremely positive outlook on your pursuits. Yes, we all have stress, but adding more for no reason is just not smart.

Do yourself a favor and deal with the tasks at hand, and leave other people’s successes, failures, and business to them.

On top of all of this is the obvious fact that we only see the surface of all of these “successful” people. We don’t know the details of their path and focusing on them only hurts you. Stick to you and your craft and the results will come.