Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to have everything “go their way”?

I bet you have…

I know over the years, I’ve thought that about certain people.  Early in my biz career, I would try and dissect that and find out why.

It wasn’t just some kind of luck because it would be too big of a coincidence for all these people to just be “lucky”.

The way to appear “lucky” to everyone around you is to go all in.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that the stars don’t align for people who just dabble in entrepreneurship when they have time.

They don’t align for those that “get to it when they can”.

They don’t align for those that make it a secondary thing that is always on the back burner.

These are facts and you need to understand this reality now, before years go by where you’re always just calling yourself an entrepreneur, but have ZERO results to stand on.

Don’t let years go by where you’re always telling people that you are “working on a side project that you’re getting off the ground”.

You know what I’m saying…

You want a REAL BUSINESS that can support you and your family, correct?

Of course you do.  You want to be free.  You want choices instead of just settling for what’s average.

So, how do you make the starts align for your path to success?

How do you look like the luckiest person in the world to everyone else?

Here’s how…

You put your business on the front burner, NOW!  PERIOD!!

You make other leisure activities wait.  You watch ZERO TV.  You skip stuff that isn’t involved in paving the way to your financial independence.

You might be thinking, “Nick, I need some free time with my family and friends to de-stress”.

My answer is 2 fold:

1.  You WILL have enough time for them if you cut out all the other BS.  There are enough hours in the day to make your dreams come true without neglecting your family…

I’m not one of those guys saying you have to give up ALL other areas of your life to become wealthy.  To me, that doesn’t equal happiness and to be honest, it’s actually not necessary.

If you work your ass off towards your dreams during designated times of the day, you can still have time to enjoy what’s most important in life (family, friends, etc).

There ARE enough hours in the day!  Just spend them in an organized way.

2.  The other part of my answer to that question above is:

You’d be surprised how much time you actually waste each day.  Small little periods of time of “this or that” can add up to an hour or 2 really quickly.

Let’s not forget about taking an hour or 2 less of sleep every night temporarily.  This option is always available.

Listen, I want you to go ALL IN on your pursuit, or you’re always going to be dabbling in some “side thing”.

Yeah, you might even make a few bucks on the side…But that’s not going to give you the real freedom you’re after.

This business doesn’t require 80 hours per week EVER.  Even when you’re just starting and you need to hustle a lot more…it still is not that time consuming.

That’s why I love real estate so much, because you can make an unbelieveable full time living, while not having to put in long work weeks.

Going all in and making the stars align for you as an entrepreneur means that you put your business pursuit FIRST and plan the rest of your extra time around that.  It’s not that hard to figure out and pursue.

It’s really just a simple choice that most people haven’t decided yet…that’s all.

You’re reading this post for a reason, so I want you to DECIDE to make a move and bring your entrepreneurial career to the top of your priorities.

I understand that you may be working a full time job, but honestly, that’s not an acceptable excuse to not be able to do this.

Luckily for you, this is one business where you can go from “side biz” to full time in a short period of time.

Are you going to go all in?

I’m challenging you to cross the threshold that you’ve been needing to cross for a long time:-)