I get it…

You are frustrated because you can’t seem to find that super discounted deal that you hear other successful real estate entrepreneurs are getting.

I remember hating that feeling.  I would scour the newspapers, ads, MLS, etc and NOTHING was a steal.   Then, when I found one, there were 50 other offers on it and it would get bid up to a price that made no sense.

I want to clear up the confusion on how to buy a house at a huge discount.

Many people think “there just aren’t great deals in my town”…STOP IT!

That’s total nonsense.

Once my mind shifted to this very simple thing, everything changed for me.  I started steadily buying deeply discounted houses and everyone ELSE was scratching their heads wondering how I was doing it.

Do you want to know the answer to how I did (and continue to do) it?

It’s getting your name and message out there about what you do.

You are actually in the human being business first, and the house business second.

Do you got that?

People FIRST, houses SECOND!

That’s when everything changed for me.  I had the ‘investor’ mindset where I waited for good ‘investments’ to come to me and then I would ‘invest’.  STUPID!

You are an entrepreneur and a problem solver.

The problems you are solving are real.  You are helping people who are dealing with bankruptcy, inheritance, fire damage, family loss, job transfers, back taxes, bad tenants, etc.

These problems happen all over the world.  If you can get your name and message (you buy houses ‘as is’ quickly without any hassle) out there in front of enough people, these people with these problems will start to emerge.

If you can really focus and hustle with that message, you’ll start to see more and more people contacting you and asking for your help and services.

This is when the magic happens.  I recently just bought a house for HALF of what a realtor told them they could get on the MLS market.

The problem was that the realtor came in there focusing strictly on numbers, assuming that big numbers are what would help this seller out.  He didn’t ask enough questions to find out the core of why they were really selling.

I went in and spend about 45 minutes asking lots of questions and zipping it when he answered.

Here’s what I found out during those 45 minutes:

– He didn’t want to deal with open houses and showing his VERY messy house

– He didn’t want to have to get rid of all of the junk in his house to sell it

– He had quite a bit of money in his retirement account and all he cared about was moving in with his fiancé asap

– He was worried about showings and having thieves walk through his house for ‘showings’ to scope out what they could steal (I’m not kidding)

– He didn’t want to have to deal with a home inspector because he knew there were things that were wrong (one thing was that the garage was leaning).  He was worried about the cost of it and he hates dealing with any type of home repairs or construction

-Bottom line, he wanted ZERO hassles or bumps in the road on the sale of his house.

These are things that most realtors don’t get into with sellers.  Most of the time, they always think that the seller just wants to get the most money, but believe it or not, it’s far from the case in a lot of scenarios.

When you can uncover the true needs and problems of sellers, you are on your way to solving the big question of how to buy a house at a huge discount.

You’ll be closing more and more deals and you can credit it to being a true problem solver for people…