Wholesaling Homes is a beautiful way for new people to get their feet wet in the best business in the world – Real Estate.

It’s not my opinion…

Real Estate is the oldest and best wealth creator that the world has ever seen.

With this strategy of wholesaling, you can jump in without worrying about having cash or credit.

I want to focus this article on why having your buyers lined up on the front end is key.  Most people think you find someone to sell their house to you first, and then you find a buyer.


You find a bunch of your buyers first, so when you start bringing in your deals that are under contract, you can just connect them with your buyers so you can lock it up and produce a healthy check for yourself within a couple weeks at the closing.

One of the easiest way to find cash buyers is to just search on Google “cash home buyers ‘your city'” or “we buy houses ‘your city'”.  There are multiple ways to find buyers, but this one is quick and works quite well.

After you perform this search, you’ll get a bunch of results of people and companies that are cash buyers that rehab or landlord homes.  These are perfect buyers.  They are savvy, they pash cash, and they buy homes in ‘as is’ condition.

These are the types of buyers that will make your transactions seamless with little headaches so you can get to your paycheck as fast as possible.

So, once you see the websites, you simply call them and tell them that you’re a wholesaler and you are working on a few extremely discounted deals in the local area.  Tell them that they are ‘off market’ homes that haven’t been listed anywhere for sale.  That’s music to their ears.

Ask them if they would be interested in you calling or emailing them as soon as one of these deals comes up.  Of course they are gonna want to know about deeply discounted homes.  Done!

Ask them what else they like to buy and where else they like to buy.  You’d be surprised at how much info you can gather from these buyers about your marketplace and opportunistic areas.

It’s okay if you’re a little nervous on your first few of these calls.  EVERYONE IS!  I know I was:)

Just keep moving along and calling others and you’ll have a nice pool of people ready to buy your homes you have under contract.  These buyers are the foundation of are income when you are wholesaling homes.

Now get out there and take action…